Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hello, it's us....

A member took us out to eat this was really yummy!!!  

Goedemorgen allemaal!

Well this week was a good week...
"REALLY good" (nacho)

"It started out like any other"🎶
anyways...I dont know why I am randomly quoting things right now...sorry.

But it really was a good week. It was just a great example, of if you just go out and work when you are supposed to be working then God blesses you.

This week we handed out 7 copies of the Book of Mormon, which is pretty cool...(the only reason why I kept track was because we were doing a competition in the zone)...but I should keep track more often. 

I contacted this super cool lady on the bus this week. She was from Aruba, but super nice. She had told me how she had been strong in her church in Aruba, but coming here it was a different feeling at the church, and didnt like that people just went to church because they were supposed to, and thought that church could also just be at home...we had some good discussions, but she got off too quick and I only had the chance to give her a card...she quickly said in general where she lives...(in a very broad description in broken dutch) sooooo we are going to gooo check it out and try knocking it until we find her haha. 
But it was cool, because she had told me that she had missed her bus, and we had actually missed ours as well (which would have taken us in a completely different direction to get home) soooo it was meant to be. "toeval bestaat niet"

Also this week was the first week that a dutch person has ever let us do service for them. They are always so funny and like to do things themselves...but we were knocking doors, and they were doing there garden so I asked if we could help, and they said yes...(very skeptical...but they said yes:)) so that was huge, and then we were able to talk about why we were there and where we were fun, pretty cool....who knows if she is actually going to ever become an investigator...but she was very nice, and now has a good positive outlook on the church, so maybe in the future.

We also found a super cool lady from England right before doing service, and she is super interested!! We stood and talked to her for a while, about life, and England, and she wants a Book of Mormon and we scheduled an appt with her for next week wooohooo!!

Also had an interesting lesson with a Rastafarian guy who got SUPER upset that we wouldnt just come into his house (because we didnt have a joint teach or a third woman)
and for literally 45 min...he just kept bringing it up, and I had to explain it soooo many times ahah. He is funny.

Then last night was the best of them alll!!
Rewind to a couple weeks ago when we had a district blitz in Gouda...well Elder Thornock and Elder Ord had contacted a lady from Poland who wanted a Book of Mormon...
Elder Thornock had said it was at the end of the blitz, and that he almost didnt contact her and she was accross the street on the other side, but he chose to do it anyways...and I am sooo glad that he did. Well looking through the area book recently we had found her husband in there as a potential as well. So we would have eventually gotten to her, but Elder Thornock helped it to be sooner. 
Last night our appointment got cancelled so we decided to stop by. 
(if any of you have not seen the remake of hello by adele the missionary version you need to look it up because this is exactly how it happened and how we felt). 
They totally let us in and it was white in there house and she gave us delicious cake, and we talked about the Book of Mormon!! IT WAS SOOO AMAZING!! They were sooooo nice, and kept complementing me about how strong my spirit wasand they could tell I had a lot of faith...I just bore testimony that God had helped me throughout my whole mission and that sometimes it is hard, but it has been sooooo worth it, and I never want to leave. She was from Poland and her husband is from Peru. They are the coolest. He has a mullet of dreadlocks haha. But they are really positive...and we gave them the Book of Mormon in their languages and sadly they are going on vacation until August, but they will be baptized one day;) haha
It was super cool...walked home in the rain, and didnt even care.
Following the spirit in the lesson is such a rush!!!! I never want to leave this place! haha lets just move here and I will still be a missionary.

wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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