Monday, May 30, 2016

Nog een keer...

Goedemorgen iedereen!!

I am writing early because we are all going to kinderdijk today and there are a lot of things that we have to do, because transfer day is this week.

Saturday we received our transfer calls and I will be staying in Gouda!! I am actually super happy, I really was stressed that I was going to leave. Sadly I will not be keeping my baby, sis. De Souza....she is headed to Zoetermeer! Poor girl kicked out of her baby city...I know how it feels...(SIS ROBBINS!!!) but she is excited and I am excited for her. New change is good. 

As for me I will be getting ANOTHER groentje! Pretty crazy, I am very excited! I should know what I am doing by now right? I hope so. 

I HIT MY YEAR MARK THIS WEEK!! WHAT????? soooooo insane time is going by way too fast. It feels like sis. Harris just hit her year mark, and she is already dead next week. haha (figuratively) 

...wat nog meer...
Oh last week for pday we went to Utrecht...Such a beautiful city, and we climbed the Dom Toren!! (dom tower) 

We had a pretty crazy week....we did service for a guy that let us in on sis. de souza's first day knocking doors....he had prepared a list of things for us to do. The two things we ended up doing: holding a shelf for him to nail into the wall...and opening sealed envelopes with quotes inside, and keeping ones we liked. haha pretty therapeutic evening. He talked for a VERY long time. not willing to read the Book of Mormon sadly, but an interesting guy.

We had a lesson with a guy who just wanted to bible bash the whole time. He was not really open at all! So it was pretty pointless...we just bore testimony as much as we could and shared scriptures, but he wasn't really having it. It made me super frustrated, because he wasn't very nice, and quite prideful. I stood up for what I believed of course, and all I can say is that I did my best to follow the spirit, and try to help him. He was not open for it.

Other than that...nothing too crazy...just typical missionary work...the best kind of work.

I miss you all!!! I hope you are all safe and sound. 
Everyone should read the talk: what lack I yet?.....super good one. I have been asking myself that question a lot on my mission. I am starting to realize, that I have been very humbled on my mission, but it has been soooo great. I am soooo grateful for all of the humbling experiences!

wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester


He screams SISTERS every time we see him,
because we stopped and talked to him one day
 on our bikes.

Celebrating mine and Elder Thornocks year mark.

Eld. Van Den Dungen Bille put his picture on a
planner he made for me so I decided to put him on his own.  

tower in Utrecht.. 
I am going to miss sis. De souza!!


Our guide. (AT THE UTRECHT TOWER)..Elder Thornock asked where he could go to school in order to become a ringer of the bells!
sis de souza said after seeing this pic...look they have their own statue of liberty here.


Giant wheel of cheese...
Elder fairbanks and I used it for zone training!

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