Monday, May 2, 2016

"ik ben geinterisseerd in deze mooie meid!"

My amazing Greenie...
Hello everyone...I feel like a completely different person from last week. I have already learned sooo much.

Well...this week has been insane. Transfers were on tuesday because it was a National Holiday here in the Netherlands. KONINGS DAG!! Heel leuk.

so we had to leave super early on tuesday...and i got all of my stuff crammed in my bags....(somehow). and off we went. We met at the mission office for training. and the greenies came in and they went to do legality work, so we all as trainers went to do some work in Leiden. I got my guitar out and we sung for about an hour met some people from Utah and then me and sis. Lindsey worked together for the last time, and talked to a super cool guy who was actually really interested...Your welcome Leiden Elders.

Then we had dinner with all the greenies and they opened their "call letters" to tell them who their companions were going to be and their area. 
My companion is Sister De Souza!! She is wonderful and this little ball of fire. I love it. She is sooo bold and smily and just shines. People notice it and we have had some awesome conversations with people because of it. hahah just like the title. A guy thought she was cute and she just gave hime a card straight away with our number on it, and I had to work our way out of that situation, I grabbed her and told him that he could only call if interested in the church, and that he couldnt have her number haha. She is the best. She is from Canada, Ottowa ( I think that is how you spell it) and she speaks a little french so I am going to have her teach me. She really is incredible. A little too hard on herself with the language, but she is going to be an incredible missionary. I am lucky to be her mum:) 

Gouda is beautiful and the members are amazing. We get fed every day, and they are alll soooo nice. I already know I am not going to want to leave. 
As far as investigators this place was pretty slow before we got here and we are having to do some finding....but we are seeing a lot of miracles, and finding quite a few people.

On Koningsdag we had a little table and set up books and pamphlets and talked to people it was cool, and we gave away a ton of copies of the Book of Mormon. It was a good time, and we found some interested people. So that has really helped us.
I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of my new responsibilities and feeling really inadequate but it has been good for me. It has been humbling, but I am excited for this transfer. 
Zr. De souza makes it really fun! haha 

People in the zone: (because mom you asked.)

I am with all of my buddies from the MTC. Elder Wright is my zone leader so we have been able to work together for trainings and stuff....with Elder Harrop who is hilarious. 
Elder Thornock is my district leader and he is in the Gouda ward with Elder Ord so we eat dinner with them every night.
Elder Fairbanks is district Leader in the zone, so I have seen him a couple times at trainings as well.
and Elder Ocampo is also in the other district. It is going to be a super fun transfer and I am super excited!!

Ik hou van jullie!!
Wees veilig. Prettige week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester
Our apartment...don't judge we are just moving in:)  

The Chapel is across the street from our apartment..
Gouda Cheese

Views outside


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