Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"There is no shortcut to any place worth going"-I don't know sorry.

Me and my greenie!!

Hallo everyone. This week was a good one, and kinda crazy but a good one.

My greenie is great and super bold...it is awesome, she is way tooo hard on herself with the language and stresses too much about not understanding. But we are doing well together and working hard!

We saw a lot of small miracles everyday.


I got to work with sis. Duncan for a little bit because we had to go to MLC and our companions went to Brussels for legal stuff which was cool...and she accidentally took the keys to sis. De souza's bike back with her to Apeldoorn. So we planned to go pick them up and we headed on our way to Apeldoorn and we talk to this super nice old man named Franc and he was super sweet and we were supposed to talk to him, and half way through the ride: I get a call from sis. Duncan and they cant come to meet us...so we went technically for no reason, but were able to meet Franc so that was cool.

Exchanges this week...first ones as sister training leader. It was good. We had them with the Tilburg sisters, because they dont have any other sisters in their zone so I am over them as well. It went really well. I had called someone in the area book who actually didnt seem that possible, but I really felt like I should just call her and see if the time was right, because what was I going to lose right? Well I had called her and scheduled an appointment with her for the day with sis. Musgrave another greeny. We got lost a little bit, but we got there and it was such a great lesson!! The spirit was there, and she is really positive and before we were done, she asked us to schedule another appointment with her!!

I looked at the times to catch the train to District meeting this week in Dordrecht, and for some reason saw 9:46...well turns out it was actually 8:46 and we were sooooo late and missed all of District meeting. I felt so bad for my greeny because it was her first District Meeting ever...and it was all my fault, but what was cool was...we ended up catching the next train, and I talked to this lady on the train, and she wanted a book of Mormon, and gave us all her info, also the guy sitting accross from us on the other side of the train, also asked us where we were from and told us he knew where one of our churches was. Which doesnt happen very often. So maybe there was a reason, why I had to miss the train. Even if I totally did space it and have nooo good excuse. haha

I got to skype yesterday. It was really good seeing you all! It is a little weird, and I was kinda a little nervous to skype, just because I am really loving my mission and not homesick and I didnt want that to change it. But we are good. I love and miss you all, but I really love this place and dont want to leave. This week I have really hit a wall that I never thought I would reach and that is the realization that my time is going by way toooooo fast, and I love this place soooo much. Even though it is hard in a new place with a new greenie and also being sister training leader and not teaching very many people....I love it here!!! I am just soooo grateful for all of the people I have already met and the people I continue to meet every day. I dont want to stop speaking dutch or sharing the gospel with random people on the trains...or handing out the Book of Mormon to people on the train. I love this work and I am starting to see that this is what I am passionate about. 
Other than that this week was great...just a lot of meetings and travel and contacting! 
I love you all sooo much and I hope you have the best week ever, full of miracles!!

Wees Veilig!
This is in a random place outside of Antwerpen in Wuustwezel

Elder Van Den Dungen Billen and Waters at Mechelen

Mechelen Tower...


Zuster De Souza
Elder Thornock

Gouda...finally gave in and ate a Kapsalon....

Elder Ord, Elder Thornock, Zuster De Souza and I...in Gouda

Zuster Stewart-Chester

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