Monday, May 23, 2016

ya...I am running out of things to say...


Hello everyone....well this week was crazy. 
I literally am sooooo exhausted, but it is all for a good cause right? so I cant complain.

This week we had zone training, so we had to train the missionaries in our zone. We did three groups (the zone leaders and I) and then each of us worked with a district leader to present our topics. Elder Fairbanks and I trained on Taal Studie (language study) and it was a big hit I think. Although I did spend some long nights on the phone planning and trying to figure out what we were supposed to do. It all came together really nicely. We even wrote a lovely remix to Hallelujah in dutch. We will be recording it later but...I am sorry I cant send videos anyways. You will all have to ask me about it when I get back.
But it was a good zone training, and it was weird to have to be involved for the first time...I got too used to just sitting and learning.

Anyways other than that we just had a lot going on. We traveled a lot, even if it was for no reason, because our appointment kept cancelling.
But it really feels like this week was two weeks combined together.

I love the members here in Gouda. They are amazing!! They spoil us, and this week Broeder Hoornweg (our ward mission leader) complained about how little we get for money each month (it really isnt bad dont worry) and said that he would grill us up some steak's next time:) 

We actually had some nice luck with some good lessons this week...but sadly they were all pretty set in their ways and found it interesting, but didnt want to go any further. We are just working on still finding those people that are interested!

This week we also had exchanges twice. First I worked with sis. Ibrahim from Suriname. She speaks a little Arabic so she came with me to a lesson with this Arabic guy and it was super cool. 
Then I got to work with sis. Harris's greeny sis. Black from Northern Ireland...She is super awesome, and we are so similar its crazy. I had a good time.
It is fun being able to go on exchanges with all of the sisters, they are all sooo different, but all sooo willing to work hard!

Other than that I have like no news has been pretty crazy....and yet not at all, and my brain isnt functioning right now sorry.
I love you all, I love this work!! It is soooo much just have to deal with the hard stressful stuff as well, and then the shower of blessings comes!! Sometimes now when I look back, I would do it all over again, just so I can keep these memories. Missions are great!

Fijne Week, en wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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