Monday, May 16, 2016



I hope eveything is going well!!
I am sorry I am the worst with emails and everything. These past few weeks have just been insane...but soooooo great. 

I am really loving it here in Gouda. The ward takes such good care of us. I already love them all sooo much. 

We are seeing sooooooooooo many miracles and finding people like crazy lately. It just shows that when you go out to work, and show Heavenly Father that you are willing to put in the effort, he will put people in your path. and more than twice or three times, it has been the last door we knock or the last person we contact. (typical)

so just a few small miracles this week:

(well there is no such thing as small I guess but..)

This week we did a blitz after District Meeting in Gouda, which means that everyone just did some work for us in Gouda. I mapped out everywhere where I felt they needed to knock gave them all maps and off they went. Last second things went crazy and sis. De Souza went to Brussels to play piano for President Uchtdorf with the Gruppeman's (famous violinists, and he is our Bishop) and because I had scheduled exchanges I let sis. Ibrahim go with her, and Sis. Cathers (from Northern Ireland) and I got some work done in Gouda then went off to Utrecht. It was crazy but we scheduled two appointments with people in Gouda and one of them is already a new investigator. It was great. Then we even found some super awesome potentials in Utrecht that night as well!
(also the Dordrecht Elders were with President Bunnell on the blitz and totally found an investigator for us, and taught him a lesson!)

Then we went out to Woerden this week to visit a less active who is wonderful, and really struggling. After our appointment we had a lot of time, and I forgot to bring the map, so we just knocked in the area. Literally the last door we were about to knock the guy was washing his car outside. He came up to us and asked if we were there to talk to him. We told him that we were missionaries, here to share a message about Christ and he was super interested. A young guy and he is very curious. A strong Christian, and he commented on my guitar because he plays too. He reminds me a little of Guido...(just that he is curious) but he wants to meet with us, and he asked us to come back and to schedule an appointment. So we will be meeting with him this week, with my guitar, and we are going to jam to some awesome Christian songs! haha He even said he would bring his girlfriend! Woohoo!

Last but not least last night, we went out to work early taking only a small dinner, because we wanted to make sure that we got our hours for the week/work hard....and so we decided to go knock a street that was referred to us by a family in the ward. The Elders had asked them to pray about a street for us to knock and had thought of that one. So we went, and there were only like 6 doors on that street. so we started knocking this big flat right next to it which was a different street but looked like it could have been the same. One of the 3rd bells we ring this awesome guy named Michael comes out. He has really been through a lot of things, and had a lot of operations, and we talked to him about Jesus Christ and how he was never alone, and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was a riot. We just chatted with him for the rest of the night and laughed a lot!! He is hilarious, and when I said I could bring my guitar next time, he said: "wait you guys are going to come back" I made sure that was what he wanted and he did!! It was such a cool thing. 

The Lord puts people who are prepared in your path!! We literally didnt have to do anything. I think the more I am out on my mission. I realize how much I actually do...which is not much at all!! All I have to do is go out to work follow the spirit, and BAM! haha (more or less) haha

Also for my title...this is actually from last week, but it was soooo funny that I had to share it!! Sis. De Souza is wonderful and like I said soooo bold. We walked onto the train last week and she saw a cute guy and he smiled at us...she just lit up haha. We sat accross on the other side of the train but next to him, and she knew that we needed to talk to him. I kind of raised my eyebrows at her and said "Doe maar!" (do it) daring her, and she asked when we had to get off which was the next soon as he looked up from his computer for a second she yelled "HOE GAAT HET?!" (how are you?) haha he was surprised but played it off and was very nice. We talked to him for a little but had to get off and we gave him a card. It was just a funny thing. She has guts!! I LOVE IT!!

Other than that.....
Well just everything is great. I love it here, and we are having a lot of fun! I am sooo tired today, but that is such a good thing! We are going to Rotterdam today to play basketball which is sooooo fun!! I love beating the Elders;) just kidding they are all really good, but it is super fun, and a good stress reliever for me! 

I hope you all have a great week! I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!

Ik hou van jullie!
Wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester

after playing basketball last week we threw rice crackers to the geese and swans.

This is who we met last night...and sis. De Souza taught him hand hugging cuz we cant hug...haha he loved it!

zr. De Souza found this in our closet in the middle of the night and she was cold! haha

Us Wearing our helmets.....

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