Monday, April 25, 2016

Groentje...ik kom zo aan!!!!

Goedemorgen iedereen!!!!!
the other day I complemented somebody
on the bus this cute muslim lady
on her scarf...and she would not
let me not take it. I felt so bad.
She practically forced me to take it!!

GUESS WHAT....this was the best week ever.
For reals though.

Karen was baptized, and although it was the most stressful weekend of my mission ever, it all worked out and the service was soooooo beautiful.
The devil for sure likes to get his last licks in, but it actually went smoothly in the end.

This weekend things I had to do:

Practice for two songs I would be playing and singing....
1 for the baptism, and the other for relief society.
Write a 15 min. talk on Charity...(easy topic, so I cant complain)
Figure everything out for the baptism.
Help prepare Karen, and make sure everything went smoothly.
Make lots of treats...for the baptism, and pancakes for Irma(the best less active member ever who feeds us Belgian food every week, and talks in Antwerps) for her birthday.
Because guess what...
I am being kicked out of Antwerpen.
Honestly I felt it coming from the beginning of the transfer, and I was blessed to have had a 7 week transfer here instead of 6. I honestly was just blessed to be able to come back to Belgium at all let alone here in Antwerpen with zr. Lindsey. We have had a lot of fun, and she is going to kill it TRAINING on her 3rd transfer what!! Also I was lucky to have been able to teach Karen...because honestly I cant take any credit there. She showed up to church on my first week, and was truly prepared. I have loved just even being able to know her and get to know her cute kids. I will miss her, but we are planning a trip to Malaga Spain, because she lived there and speaks spanish amazingly and very other language you can think of.

I bet you are wondering where I am going...well I will tell you.
I am headed to GOUDA!!
and wait there is more....
I will also be TRAINING A GROENTJE!!! (greenie) 
and wait there is even more...
I will be sister training leader.
and wait this isnt more...but what I just told you entails me white-washing a city!! AHHHH 
(white-washing means that both missionaries in the city are being kicked out, and brand new missionaries are being thrown in there without a clue of what they are doing, where to go, and who they are teaching...) yep that is what I have to do.
I am starting to freak out while writing this...because I havent really been thinking about it too much!! haha
I will be white-washing and training for the first time ever, and also I am going to be sister training leader...this poor greenie has no idea what she has gotten herself into. (pray for her to be okay after this transfer)

I am sad, because sis. Harris is coming to Belgium and I am just missing her, but I am pumped for her, because she has never been to Belgium and she is going to kill it!!

I am sad to also be leaving this beautiful country. Belgium is amazing...and I refuse not to speak Flemish in Gouda the whole time. I will miss it here, and this place...but I am very excited for the new challenge that awaits. 

Anyways everything went really well this week, the songs went really well. Elder Needham came and sang oceans by hillsong with me on the guitar..and dont hate me mom, it was soooo crazy that I didnt get to record it. I was sooooo mad. so dont worry I am already mad enough at myself. 
I seriously am starting to realize that my time is almost up. Missions go by way toooooooo fast. I really love this place, and I dont want to leave...sometimes I miss my family, but really I dont want to leave here. I have met the most amazing people and life long friends. EVERYONE SHOULD SERVE A MISSION!!!

I miss you all, but there is nowhere I would rather be. 
Wees Veilig, en Prettige week nog!
Zuster Stewart-Chester


Zuster Lindsey and I
Our District:)

Ice cream

and Marriette an investigator:) who is the sweetest lady ever.  
Irma :)

Eld. Needham

 Eld. Billy
and Eld. Billy..(VDDB)


getting lost on the way to the temple.

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