Monday, April 11, 2016


Karin and Sam and FUFU!!
Goedmiddag allemaal!!

Alles is geweldig hier in Antwerpen.

THE SUN IS SHINING!! and this week I wore my flats and no tights! WHAT?!?! Pretty cool.

Other than that this week was cool. I went to Lokerin on exchanges and I rode sis. Robbins my trainer's bike. Haha it was a good time. Sis. Hanny and I rode to the middle of no where and went off-roading with our bikes, and talked to these cool Geo-cachers. Then knocked doors, and prayed with this stubborn old man on his driveway. He got really emotional and had tears in his eyes at the end. 
They also live above a bakery so I bought a yummy pastry for breakfast.

Oh and also on the bus ride there I talked to this cute little old lady. She totally opened up to us, because sis. Lindsey asked her where she was going!:) She told us how she is alone, and lost her husband a few years ago. I asked her if she believed that she would see him again, and she told me no. I told her that I knew she would, and that she could also know if she prayed. She was a little taken aback, and asked me really? It was a super cool experience. I have never been able to bare testimony like I did with that lady on transportation and it was super cool. God put the words in my mouth, and pushed me to say them. 

It was soooo wonderful, and it was so good to see everyone again. It just made me sooooo grateful for my mission and all of the wonderful people that I have been able to meet and the memories I have already met. I cant wait to meet and make more memories. 
I LOVE GENT! The branch is just soooo great and so welcoming and they are alll just family. 
We also had a cool experience where an investigator showed up and went to the dutch investigator class, and all of the other missionaries te gent went to the English investigator class. Broeder Goethals asked us to go in and we taught her a lesson about God, Prayer and how she could make contact with God. At the end she said a prayer and it was so sweet. She said she felt like her voice was sent somewhere else, not just in that room. Super cool...and who knows, maybe we were supposed to be in Gent to teach her. It was a cool experience. 
Also I talked to a super cool girl on the way back who is an artist. I got her talking by taking a picture of sis. Lindsey asleep on the train and we talked the rest of the time, laughing. She was really cool, and super curious...who knows:)

I love missions. They are the best. Everyone should serve a mission!!
I MISS YOU ALL, but time is going by way toooo fast. 

Ik hou van jullie!!
Wees veilig!
Zuster Stewart-Chester


We went to Brugge today:)

And we went on a boat...

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