Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Come what may and LOVE it!

Zuster Robbins came back for a visit!!  I saw her at Stake Conferene.  Jelle was there too:)  I've missed them both!  


It was an insane week of traveling. and a lot of mistakes and crazy travel situations....and hilarious Elders and losing everything. If you want to know the exact details please read Elder Van Den Dungen Billen's blog....because I am pretty sure he got a list of all of the things that went wrong. http://robertthedutchbloke.tumblr.com It was A TON of fun though!! 

We went to the Netherlands for sis. Lindsey's Legality stuff and then to the temple, and to Keukenhof. I got to see sister Harris...and it was worth it...even if I had to get up at 5 in the morning to catch the train the next morning...and had to run to the train for 10 min...because the door got jammed...lets just say the Devil did not want me to go to the temple this week. 

The temple was amazing!!! But we are always sooooo rushed and it is sad. I cant wait to go home, and just sit in the temple allllllll day long. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TEMPLES NEXT DOOR!!!

I lost my OV chip kart on the way home, and we were freaking out, because Elder Mackay and Eld. Groesbeck had also lost their phone....and it seemed like eerything was going wrong. Eld. VDDB basically screamed in front of all the people at the station that we needed to pray. Well we did haha and we found it. The Lord answers prayers. 

We also had Ring conferentie...Stake Conference here so I got to see most of my buddies from Gent and even Jelle so that was pretty cool. I also got a big shout out from President Boom, talking about serving with dad Alex on his mission and saying that if I came to Tilburg he would spoil me rotten and president Bunnell was there soooo I think he took notes and I hope I go to Tilburg;) haha

Karen is stilll AMAZ|ING!!! and is getting baptized if I can get all the papers worked out because I forgot to bring them to the interview (palm to the face) haha but everything willl work out and we are really excited for her.

I dont have any time....but I love you alll!!! I am telling you...read ELd. VDDB's blog for this week, and you will probably get more of what happened.

Zuster Stewart-Chester
Zuster Lindsey and I

Selfie with some Random people in the background 
Our adventure crew...disaster after disaster.

Elder MacKay, Elder Needham , Elder Van Den Dungen Bille, moi, Zuster Lindsey, Elder Groesbeck

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