Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Solo Sister....LITERALLY!!

Hello!!                              JUNE 17,2015

I hope that you all read the intro to this email in Chris Treagar's voice from Parks and Rec. 

So this week all of the Danish missionaries left. It was super sad to see them go because they were all hilarious. We all met up on the last day and sang spirit of God in our own language that we are learning, and it was soooooo awesome.

 All of the sisters and the District before me got their flight plans.  They leave this coming monday super early in the morning...and well we get four danish missionaries today and guess what. They are all Elders.  So until next Wednesday after the sisters leave, I will be the only sister in my whole zone.  Pretty insane, but luckily I only have to deal with it for a couple of days.

I love the sisters in my Zone they are seriously sooooo amazing and they are all here for the right reasons. They are here to work!!

Sis. Carpenter:
Makes me want to be better every day.  She is such an amazing example to me of not wasting time.
She is always always studying something.  Besides the fact that we are technically twin sisters separated at birth (I think) we get a long soooo well.  She plays all the sports that I play, and we kill it in basketball against the Elders...It is a blast.

Sis. Jackson:
Is soooo hilarious. There is this awesome service guy here who swipes our cards for breakfast named Allen. She is like obsessed with him and we always crack jokes about how Allen is her best friend. She has written hilarious lyrics about our mission to some catchy songs that I hope we will have the chance to record and make a music video before I leave. She is so awesome...p.s she is going Sweden and is actually from there...or lived there I cant remember. 

Sis. Woolsey:
She is the most sweet girl you will ever meet. She just has the most positive attitude.  She also has an amazing voice, and sang in a devotional here and rocked it.  She was actually my sister training leader when I got here and helped me get the hang of it with all the Elders a long with all the other sisters.

We always have awesome laughs in front of the mirrors brushing our teeth, while toothpaste and spit flies everywhere...haha I exaggerate, but we laugh a lot!!

This week we had TRC which means Teaching Resource center...We basically teach people who are either from our mission or speak our language and they are already it is super nice, but hard...because they talk soooo fast.  One of mine was with a cute little old lady who just talked the entire time so that was awesome...she kept saying weet hoe veel? You know?? haha it was funny.  Or at least I think thats how she said it....I know thats what it meant...whoops.

Singing songs here at the MTC is awesome...We sung We'll bring the world its awesome because in stead of saying we will be the lords missionaries...we say we are is so powerful!!!

One of the Danish Elders got here early because he is from Switzerland...he is super nice...and he only brought 3 ties...haha. So dont go buy him a tie mom, but if Fletch or dad want to get rid of one, I know he would love it. Especially since his family is half way across the world.

Mom your packages are the best but please dont stress over them...also I still have food from the first no more food please...just the things I need!! haha The Elders loved the krispy creams...we got a picture for you dont worry. Also everyone loved your homemade salsa! haha 

The language is okay. I got really frustrated with myself yesterday, because I just feel like it is such a barrier and there is soooo much I want to say to my onderzoekers/investigators. My teachers are amazing though and they push me to be better every day.  I seriously believe in the gift of tongues, and being a solo has helped me grow more than I ever could have with a companion in my district.  

Something awesome that someone said in a devotional this week is:
Some people dont even know that prayer is a two-way communication. They dont even know who they are praying to. It made me sad that I dont even take advantage of that communication.
This week I challenge you all to make the time to wait for the answers after your prayers. I have completely seen the difference already in preparing for my lessons with fake onderzoekers.

I was soooo extremely sad to hear about the Openshaws. I will definitely be sending my prayers there way.  It really has helped me look outside myself here at the MTC...because sometimes I feel like I am having the worst days. It just made me realize that I am soooo extremely blessed.  It made me so grateful to know that this church is true, and families are forever. What would we do without that knowledge?!?!
I have so much love for all of the Fosters and Openshaws..please send my love to them all.

I am sooo extremely grateful for you all. I do not know what I would do without you. I pray for your safety every day...please be safe.

Ik hou van jullie.
Ik weet dat Families eeuwigheid zijn.

Zuster Stewart-Chester

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