Friday, June 5, 2015

excerpt from personal letter Dated Jun 1, 2015 Monday

The MTC is Good!  So Hard, but good...I am alone in teaching the lessons so that's hard and in dutch no less.  I was having a really hard time staying awake yesterday and it was a long day so I was super worried about how I was going to do it for a year and a half, but I prayed and had faith that Heavenly Father would help me and we even had to wake up earlier today to do service.  But I feel sooo good!  I want to tell you about Choir practice because I didn't get a chance to write it down in my journal because I literally had not time!

Our choir teacher is amazing. Somehow he made it so amazingly uplifting.  He talked about the little boy who was from Wales and wrote hymns.  His mother and father were so poor they had no money to buy shoes.  His mother would work all day in the fields and the money she earned she sent to Salt Lake for the temple and with the corners of the wheat she was allowed to take, she made one loaf of bread a day for her family.  The boy (somehow?) made it to Salt Lake and would go to church and paint shoe polish on his feet to make it look like he had shoes.  He would stand outside some meetings and when Brigham Young asked him to come inside he would say, "no I'm not dressed, I'm not wearing shoes."  and in reply he would get "it doesn't matter." but he refused to go in as an 11 year old boy.  He would sit by a tree and write hymns.  So powerful, made me want to sing those hymns with pride.  I believe his last name was Evans or something.  He wrote the song about the temple.  So awesome.  Anyways, I love you all, and miss you  even thought you might not believe me!  love, /Tate/ Zuster SC or Stewart-Chester

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