Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hello everyone.

I hope everything is fantastic.  

This week all of the sisters left to their missions, so let me explain that for my mom since she said she didnt understand...

There is literally noooo other sisters in my entire zone.  I have been the only sister. So luckily there are some awesome italian sisters..(sisters going to italy..we always call people by their missions here) who have taken me in until the end of today.  I have been doing things with them that I cant do with the elders in my gym and sleeping etc.  
So on Monday the Sisters left....I had to move into the newer building because they are renovating the old one. It is super nice, but it has been crazy hectic. They moved me into this room by myself except the lock was busted. So i put my stuff in this random unlocked room with nobody in it. and slept in the room with the italians...except yesterday two sisters moved into the room with my junk in it.  They were a little freaked out. haha. But literally last night right before bedtime they fixed the lock. Hallelujah. Just in time as well, because two new sisters move in with me today.
I wont be alone anymore.

Oh I am the Zone Sister Training Leader...which is awesome. Maar (but) they didn't really have much choice since I am the only sister in the entire zone.  I do get to greet all of the new missionaries in our zone today though, so that will be nice to get to know them.
We are getting 32 new missionaries...and only 2 are sisters. 

This week I gave a talk in sacrament in dutch. They have you always prepare one each week, and then if you get called on during sacrament you go up and speak. I was the only one of course.  haha I had a feeling though all that morning that I was going to have to, so don't worry I was prepared. I messed up quite a bit, but it was great. I just talked about the Atonement and how important it is to me especially because through the atonement Jesus was then resurrected making it possible for eternal families. How grateful I am to know that. Especially with everything that has happened with the Openshaws. I am so excited to be able to tell the people of Belgium and the Netherlands about eternal families. Because what would I do without that knowledge...Im pretty sure I would lose all hope and life would not be worth living.  Families are Forever!!!

Congrats to fletchy for going through the temple. What an awesome thing. I love going to the temple each week. I get to go a little bit later today...and I am so excited. I feel more peace there than anywhere.  It is such an awesome way for me to get away from the frustrations of class and the language.

The mission Presidents come in for training this week, so its going to be insane. Luckily we get catered some yummy foods though for dinner because of it. The apostles and Prophet will be in a building right next to our classroom. They have a choir who gets to sing to them each morning, and Elder Sosa is in it, also one of the italian sisters who is practically my companion right now. So jealous.

We got 4 new Danish Elders this week, and they are awesome. Two of them are amazing at volleyball so it makes up for the absence of sister Carpenter.

The Elders in my zone are sooooo awesome. I am so grateful though for my amazing District.  They are so good to me, and they are hilarious. I literally almost pee my pants at meal times every day.
They do this thing called STRINGING.
They randomly found a huge pile of multi colored string and they have decided to make a game out of it. They leave it places for people to find and yell YOU GOT funny.
Poor Elder Crowder, yesterday they literally went into the mail room and "mailed" a package to him with hearts all over it.  He opened it in front of us and they all yelled YOU GOT was just a pile of funny. Hopefully I will get the picture from Elder Wright that he caught of Elder Crowders reaction because it was hilarious. I died of laughter.

This week my onderzoeker(investigator) committed to baptism!! haha also my other one who was an athiast believes in christ as of yesterday and I committed her to think about picking a date for her baptism, because she said she would if she knew it was true...she does, it is just hard to express that in another language...but she is working on it....soooo awesome.
haha weird explaining about fake investigators but I get better every lesson.

Yesterday Sis. Schwaab helped me in my lesson. She studied with me as a companion would and we came up with the most amazing lesson. It didn't come out as amazing on paper because of the language, but it was still great and she was so awesome.  It is nice having a companion who can explain things better in dutch. haha
She was my tender mercy yesterday. All of the elders in my zone had gone to choir and I couldn't go to dinner by myself so she came with me. I seriously love her.

Fletcher I saw that picture of you camping out....please tell me that was not my guitar???
haha you are welcome to use it if you use it at the house, please don't take it up in the mountains where the wood will get warped...who am I kidding you wont listen. PLEASE!! haha I still love you!

Shout out to my dad Alex. Hope you have an amazing birthday today!! I love you!

Teddy!!! congrats on being called as the deacons quorum president. You are going to be so awesome. Our calling is kind of a like. We just have to look out for the younger missionaries or deacons and make sure they feel loved. I know you will be so amazing. I love you.

Bo you looked beautiful as a little duckling!!

I miss you all, but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. It is hard, but each day gets better and better. 

Ik hou van jullie!!
tot ziens
Zuster Stewart-Chester

also I am sorry if none of this makes sense...hopefully not too many run on sentences. I just type whatever comes to mind I have so little time. I love you all!

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