Wednesday, June 3, 2015


yep you have probably guessed it by now, but I am a solo sister. I still have an amazing companion, but she is not going to the same mission as me nor is she learning the same language.

Let me first just tell you what being a solo sister means...
It basically means that you are the only sister going to your mission. (So yep I am with a bunch of elders every day) (but its great).
I also have to teach all my "Investigators" all by myself.
But I still have a companion who I go to meals, gym time, and walk pretty much everywhere with.

My companion is Sister Carpenter.
She is amazing and so dedicated, she makes me want to be better every day. She is the most hard working missionary I know.  She is also a solo sister but she is the only sister and there are no Elders going to her district at all. So she is the only one...I think I have it hard, but she has had worse. She is going to Norway speaking Norwegian. She gets taught all by her self by four teachers and teaches them all lessons in Norwegian so well after only two weeks...she is such an inspiration to me.

Our zone is full of Elders as well. We are made up of mostly scandinavia, so its Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, and then the west indies speaking dutch, but there is only one elder going there so he is also a solo.
There are only two other sisters besides us...sister Jackson and Sister Woolsey, who are both going to sweden. We all room together and they are so amazing, I am pretty lucky.

Oh by the way my P-days are on wednesdays in case you couldnt already tell.

you questions...
My companion: 
Sister Carpenter.. She also plays volleyball and basketball so we have a lot of fun together during gym time...who knows if I am actually losing weight but it is fun, and I am trying to eat healthy.

My first day was insane: its mainly a lot of walking to places being showed by people and then going to meetings and class. where they speak only dutch to you. Crazy... but good. The first day was hard for me especially finding out that I am the only sister going to my mission, but it gets so much better every day.
I have already taught 4 lessons in dutch all by myself. WHAT? ha
It is coming a long so well, and yesterdays lesson was great, I barely used any notes!!  (When Tate was set apart as a missionary she was told that she would have such a command of the language that it would "roll off her tongue as gracefully as English...."  All I could think when I read this was WOW! -mum
I will have to send you a picture of my journal, dont worry mom. I wrote all of it down for you, but I dont have much time and there is so much I need to say.

call Sam Norton today! You should definitely start preparing with the language now, because if you dont you will so regret it even the first day.  It will be so helpful to know church related stuff as well in spanish before you get here. Also on the first day I met two sisters going to your mission speaking spanish. They told me they would for sure look out for you, and apparently it is only a third of even the people called to the west that speak spanish, so count your blessings;)

Was I sick: The first day I had a bad head ache but the LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!
The next day I had hardly anything wrong with me!! WHAT?!

You all should dear elder me;) so I can get letters...quick shout out to cameron for an awesome dear elder... haha what a waster of two letters but it was hilarious;) ask him about it if you want to know.

I see Jaden Lynn almost every day, and I run into Jessica at lunch every day. She is awesome and so nice to listen to me ramble about learning dutch;)

you are all going to be sooo jealous, because although I missid Elder Holland last week, this week we heard from Elder Christofferson...sooooo awesome.

I love you all I will try to send you pictures here in a little bit..
You have no idea how much I miss you... I cried today reading your letters and watching the videos of flynn...
I love you so much, and I am so grateful for you.

tot ziens
Zuster Stewart-Chester

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