Thursday, June 11, 2015


The big 18!! I hope you have an amzing day Fletch!

Well I have finally reached my week two mark. It feels like it has taking forever and yet it is going by fast.

On Sunday, I got super sick. I have a really bad sore throat and I have lost my voice, bad.  I believe I got sick from all of the Elders in my district...silly Elders. Maar (but) I think I have got the worst of it.  Cough drops are a life saver though, and I am pretty sure I could throw up straight mint cough drops I have had so many. But The Elders are so good to me.

Just to tell you who I am with pretty much 24/7...I want to give you a brief description of each Elder in my district. I will go in the order I see them in class.

Elder Crowder:
He is from somewhere in Northern California. I believe he said something about the Sacramento area. He is super thoughtful, and while I was sick this week he gave me Ni-quil so that I would be able to sleep. He is super funny...well all of them are. But him and Elder Sosa are awesome leaders and say some pretty powerful stuff.

Elder Sosa:
Elder Sosa is such a boss with the language. He is one of the Elders going to our mission speaking spanish, maar he already is fluent so he is learning dutch.  He studied duolingo 2 hours a day for a straight he is the top of the class. He is the District Leader also. He is from Las Vegas.

Elder Wright:
Elder Wright is from Wisconsin. He wears a shirt that says I love my mom during gym time and it is great. He is such an intelligent guy and knows so much vocabulary and studies soooo hard. I admire him for that. He is also pretty brave. In class we have to speak pretty much all in dutch and he is not afraid to just speak...even if it is not perfect.

Elder Ocampo:
He is from Texas.  He is also learning dutch but speaking spanish and is fluent already. So now he just has to learn dutch.  He always makes hilarious comments like: "Shots Fired" and "Its getting deep" haha he is hilarious.

Elder Bruneau:
He is the youngest I think of us all. He just got out of High School and is from fruitland Idaho I think. He is such a sweetie and is super sensitive. He cries a lot, but it is great. He is also super strong and is here for the right reasons. He always has some amazing comments.

Elder Fairbanks:
Haha. I just think of Elder Fairbanks and laugh. He is soooo funny. He is from Wyoming. He always makes hilarious comments and never is scared to speak his mind. He tried to teach me how to spin my pen around my finger yesterday and he was getting so frustrated with me haha. Also I always manage to drop my books on the floor because we have so much stuff...I still seem to be the only one dropping things and because he sits next to me... he has taken it upon himself to get better reflexes to catch my stuff. He is getting a lot better. hahaha.

This week Broeder Norton/Sams cousin taught us a lesson on Justice and Mercy. He talked about how their is two sides Obedience and disobedience and the law is in the middle.  Because God is Just he can not break the Law...and the Law is stated that no unclean thing can enter into Gods presence. But because he is also merciful. He sent his son to Atone for our sins, and because of that we can return to our Heavenly Father. That is the only way. How grateful I am for Jesus Christ.

Everyone should go look up Character of Christ by Elder Bednar...It is amazing. He gave the same talk to missionaries a long time ago and it is even better and even one else can see it. SORRY. haha but it is great.

Zuster Moses is awesome. She is one of our dutch teachers. If you want to see what she looks like search Belgium/Netherlands mission on youtube...she is blond in the videos and now she has dark brown hair with highlights and cute glasses...Im sure ill get a picture with her later.

Sister Hansen is our other teacher, and her family is actually from Bolivia and the Netherlands so she lived there. She is amazing and she was actually our first fake investigator.

I now teach two investigators (zuster Moses and Zuster Hansen) It is going soooooo much better and I can really feel the spirit in my lessons so much more. I also can pray pretty well in dutch now so that is awesome!

Quick shout out to other people who have had or have birthdays coming up:
Aunt Jenny, Henry Chester, Sadie, Mimi, and Ally...
I hope you have the best day ever. I love you all and miss you.

Also guess what.... just this week someone asked me and sister carpenter our birthdays and she said Jan 12...I said nuh uh?! yep we have the same exact birthday. Same year and everything. What are the chances!!!

Also Everyone watch Meet the Mormons we watched it here on sunday and even though I had already seen was sooooo much better the second time.

I love you all sooooo much and miss you! I hope you are well.

How is the play? and soccer and life/

Also Dad Alex should get the job with the points for flying so than you guys can save up enough for me to come back first so I can actually enjoy my country without being a missionary!!

Love Zuster Stewart-Chester
Ik hou van jullie!!!!

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