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So kiek joself: means treat yourself. SO i wanted to throw in a good ole Tom and Donna Parks and Rec quote. I found that out and I was saying it all day. so today I am going to Treat myself to partying at the Gentse Feesten: the gent holiday here. 
Basically everyone comes from all over to get drunk listen to music and go see the sites, and eat yummy foods....
So yep I wont be drinking or listening to music, but we might go tour the castle though and eat yummy pastries.

So I dont think I said this but on the flight over here I sat next to this awesome guy.
Brother Austin: haha he gave himself a bro. title because we all had zuster and elder...
Anyways. He was super cool, he told us about how he was on his way to Africa to help with cleaning out water wells and to preach of Jesus Christ. Super awesome....Super good guy, he is about 21. Anyways we talked to him about the gospel for pretty much the entire time, it was awesome. He had so many questions, and he loves the Bible. So I had a mini Book of Mormon that I was highlighting and thats I gave it to him. He told he would read it, and started to before we even landed. haha Super awesome. I wrote my little testimony in the front and apologized for the highlighting already...but asked him to finish highlighting it for me. He gave us all his address and said: I would love to hear about your ministry. haha super awesome guy. 

This week lets see....

I already have a client here in Belgium...The Goethals (a family in the ward...who I know would get a long so well with our family...and bro Goethals dry european humor that is mean but he isnt meaning to be at all haha he is great). Anyways they wanted me to do their daughter Elke's hair. So I did....
It was for a wedding from someone in the ward. So we actually got to go to the wedding as well.
So I got to go to a Flemish wedding this week. Kinda cool. Pretty simple but cute, and they went to the temple later that day.

Old men love Zus. Robbins...and so we always joke around with her about it haha. It is super funny, becuase random old men will just give us funny looks...haha and random creepy guys. haha We had a kid who we gave a card to this week text us to see if we were going to the Gentse Feesten...haha sorry...poor kid.

This week we went to a members house for lunch with the Elders...She is from Sri Lanka, and so she made us super yummy currry!!!! IF you know me well enough you will know I was in heaven. I ate till I almost died. It was soooo yummy. haha Still not as good as your curry though mommy.

Because my name is ridiculously long everyone always makes a funny face after hearing it haha.
Here are some nicknames I have recieved:
Zuster Stuchy.
Zuster Stewaters Chester
Zuster Worcester sauce
Zuster SC
Zuster Stewart something and other things
Zuster Stewart- Chesternut
Im sure there are plenty more, but those are just a couple. haha I also have gotten "OOOHH doeble naaam: English Royalty" haha or "Oh like an old cheese from england...that is how Ill remember it" The members are great. haha

The language: it is getting better...slowly I am starting to understand more and more, but haha there is still a lot of work to do.

I love it here. We are working hard, and it is awesome. The Elders are hilarious...and Elder Lovin has now asked me to cut his hair...who knows I might give in...we will see.

It was zone conference this week, so I got to see a couple of my district from the MTC. It was sooooo good to see them. I love them a ton!!

We miss Elder Wright though. Send him our love alstublieft.

Ik hou van jullie!!!

Address for Letters:

Helene dutrieulaan 7-201
9050 Gent, Belgium

Zuster Stewart-Chester
Sorry it is mainly info, I will try to say more spiritual stuff next week...haha love you all have an awesome week!!!!

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