Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bound to Somewhere


How is everyone?
Quick shout out for birthdays: Xavior, Shari, Bo and Teddy. I hope you all have an amazing week, I love you all and miss you.
Also for Ted today...I love you sweet Ted. Happy Birthday!!

Now for the title....
This week might have been the most insane week I have ever had... 
We recieved our flight plans on Friday. We were all so excited about going...but then came Monday. We were all so excited and we went to the travel office to see if we received our VISA's...Only 5 out of the 15 belgium/netherlands missionaries got their visas...well we think as of right now. Most of the rest of us got temporarily reassigned to somewhere...I was reassigned to Las Vegas. 
Honestly when I first heard that, I was a little upset.  Mainly because of all that has happened with the language and how hard I have worked...only to have to wait another month or two to actually go. I prayed to have peace about it. I truly have never felt so peaceful.  I realized that this mission was never about never will be..and never was. My purpose is the same every where I go...
Invite others to come unto Christ. Whether in the Netherlands or in Las Vegas.

I was starting to get really excited about going to Las Vegas...this morning I woke up early to go read my emails this morning....and I recieved an email from the travel office. This lady asked for my moms information about my FBI clearance...because that is all she needed to get my visa.
haha so I have no idea what is going to happen right now. But honestly I am so excited either way. Because as long as I am doing the Lords work I will be happy. Also I could probably see my grandparents in Vegas...haha but we will see.. I will probably get the chance to write you when I do figure out where I am going, and I will be able to call home on my lay overs so look for my next email to tell you what times I will be calling.

also this week... Remember how I had so much trouble with moving into this new building, and the lock was busted, but I finally was able to move in, and UNPACK. haha welllllllll....On thursday we heard a very loud announcement saying that all of the sisters were to report to 18 M no matter what they were doing. 

With the Mission Presidents here, all of the apostles and the Prophet came to teach them... so here we all are sitting in this room, thinking we might be able to hear from an apostle or the Prophet.
One of the MTC Presidents goes on to tell us. He is going to alter our we are like...Yes its the Prophet...but no. Basically there were bats found in the new building and so they were kicking us all out.

We all were sent straight after that to pack up all our stuff and move back into the old buildings...keep in mind that they had us move over to the new building for a reason...there are too many sisters for the new buildings. So we were thrown into a room with 3 other sisters who were going to Albania, with 4 closets and 6 sisters. haha. They luckily left on Tuesday super early in the morning though, so yesterday we were able to finally get settled and unpack. Nothing against those others sisters they were was just cramped.

So yep, I have finally unpacked, and today I start packing for wherever I am going..ahhhhh haha.

Also last night I was able to sew my work out will be so proud of me mom. haha it might not be the best job ever but ahh well.

This week with the 4th of July they are letting the missionaries watch the fireworks and we get to stay up an extra 15 minutes later! WOOP WOOP!! haha but we still have to get up its a good thing I get the chance to sleep on the plane...even if it only is for 45 minutes to Vegas haha. I am exhausted...

Yesterday one of our substitute teachers sis Larsen had us teach her as an inactive member. She gave us about 10 minutes to prepare, and then we taught her in dutch.
It might have been the best lesson I have ever taught. WOW! I was led by the spirit the entire time, and the language just came...I know that the grammar was not all the way there but it was awesome...(HET WAS ZO LEUK!!!) 

I seriously love it here. It is so hard, but it is so fulfilling being able to walk out of a lesson that you were led by the spirit. I love it, it is like a rush. Everyone should go on a mission!!! I have never grown so much in my entire life as I have done now. My district is amazing and I am so extremely grateful for them. 

Also I am not alone anymore by the way. I have two new sweet sisters going to Suriname...They are so nice!!! It is still an adjustment from the other sisters...because I probably wont have as much time to get to know them. Also gym time is a little hard, without sister Carpenter. These sisters dont really enjoy doing anything besides walking which is fine, but I usually just end up either running or playing volleyball with random people... I cant play basketball with Elders without a companion to guard me so thats hard, but ahh well.

I love you all!!
IK HOU VAN JULLIE!! Ik weet dat Jesus Christus LEEFT, and Hij weet ons, en hou van ons.

Zuster Stewart-Chester

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